Nordic lichen Society Steinkjer 3-6 august 2015

Day 0 (Egge churchyard included)

Warming up!
Egge churchyard and some rocks on the way
short run after registration but before dinner!
Egge church
Foto och text (with help of Staffan Wall) Aimon Niklasson

We found Peltigera praetextata on rock on the way to the church

On an old pine close to the churchyard we found Parmelia saxatilis
Even if the name is saxatilis it often grows on trees in oceanic areas

We also found Tuckermannopsis chlorophylla on wood

A wild solitary bee on wooden pine ( in Sweden at least 1/3 of them are redlisted!)

Hypogymnia farinacea below on pine wood (above Hypogymnia physodes)

Hypogymnia farinacea

On wooden pine Alectoria sarmentosa intermixed with a darker Bryoria

Just pattern on old dead "silverpine" Pinus sylvestris

Lecanora with very black apothecia (turning brown?) and smooth thin apothecial margin and little developed thallus on wood
possibly Lecanora circumborealis since it is so black but very difficult to separate from L. pulicaris in the field

Some crustose lichens on stone need probably microscopic examination like this and the two below in order to know or even better "bar"-coding?

Crustose lichens on stone

Another crustose lichen

Staffan Wall at Egge chyrchyard looking for lichens

Many lichen marked tombstones at Egge

Umbilicaria polyphylla

On stone Umbilicaria torrefacta and some Thepromela atra and Parmelia saxatilis

And the common Tephromela atra in the middle

Physconia distorta recognizable even without apothecia

Pseudevernia furfuracea

Staffan Wall with a very old stone without inscription.

The very old stone at Egge church yard. Bryoria growing on top!
Time for dinner!

Copyright Aimon Niklasson och Botaniska föreningen i Göteborg.