Nordic lichen Society Steinkjer 3-6 august 2015

Day 1 in the field at MOKK old coppar mine
in use 1670 to 1786

MOKK coppar mine
First excursion in the field tuesday 4 of august!

Foto och text (with help of Staffan Wall and others) Aimon Niklasson

Martin Westberg and Maria Prieto working on a stone on the way to the mine

Preparation for mosquitos but not a bite during the week! Maybe even something to bother about??

Einar Timdal study group

Håkon Holien (blue) and Einar Timdal and study group partly in work!

Blechnum spicant lots of them and with sporophytes

We reached the bottom of the mine area with many colourful lichens
among others Lecidea silacea

Originally recognized by the Norwegian Sören Christian Sommerfelt
Miriquidica atrofulva

Lecidea lapicida

Einar Timdal prepare for genetic sequencing of Stereocaulon vesuvianum

Barcoding keep fingers away!

Collage of colours!

Samples from the upper part of the mine

Different colours in upper part of mine

Aspicilia myrinii growing in a wet place high up

Porpidia ochrolemma with soral

Rhizocarpon oederi and Tremolechia atrata down right

Miriquidica atrofulva and Lecidea salicea considered so in the field

Tholurna dissimilis! Håkon Holien said he run up the top of the mountain to find this rare species on the top af a bird used spruce!

Needs to be seen twice! There is also a Lecanora, maybe circumborealis

Rhizocarpon hochstetteri

Beauty of its own! Einar Timdal prepared this lichen from small pieces of chewing gum and bluberries!
honestly I missed the name! but found it in Stridvalls lichen gallery

as Lecidea leucothallina I think its one of the most beautiful lichens I have ever seen

Baeomyces placophyllus

Upper part of the mine

The way we arrived

Surroundings with old spruces maybe with Tholurna?? if used by birds!

Way to the bus!

Bellemerea subsorediza K+yellow/red and with soredia and broad dark zone around!

Time for lunch

If still not busy

Lunch without mosquitos! in the sun

Reidar Haugan, Mika Bendiksby from Norway and Staffan Wall from Sweden braking lunch for something more interesting?

Nice workingplace for a lichen researcher! Martin Westberg Sweden

Håkon Holien talking with Maria Prieto (Spain)

A little bit more sun on part of the old mine

Fredrik Jonson Sweden, Harald Bratli Norway and Ulrika Nordin Sweden looking for Ochrolechia..??

Old silverpine without Xanthoria and no suspected Tholurna in the binoculars

Considered in the field to be a possible Ochrolechia alboflavescens
Will be bar-coded! in order to know.

Fredrik and Håkon discuss after sampling for bar coding

Drosophila intermedia and a twig of Betula nana I thought when I took the picture, the problem is that D. intermedia is not known so far north (Lid, Flora of Norway) so maybe its a not so well developed D anglica. Maybe I have to come back to check!

We found a big stone block with interesting mosses and lichens. Vagn Alstrup was very happy here but unfortunately he is no longer with us.

Pilophorus cereolus?

Trentepohlia iolithus a redcoloured green algae freeliving

Helocarpon crassipes?

Time for a moss Bartramia pomiformis

Probably Mnium spinosum

Nice form of a cushion moss

Calcium rich caves at the creek!

Waterfall with caves and calcium again

At the farm where the bus waited we found the beautiful Parnassia palustris

At the hotel Staffan showed me a possible Parmelia serrana
however not known in Norway according to latest nordic lichen flora and not so easy to confirm

Copyright Aimon Niklasson och Botaniska föreningen i Göteborg.