Nordic lichen Society Congress and Excursions Steinkjer 3-6 august 2015

Day 0 (Steinkjer; churchyard included)

Warming up!
Steinkjer street and central churchyard (partly)
short run before registration!
Foto och text (with help of Staffan Wall) Aimon Niklasson

At the hotel we found Rusavskia elegans (earlier Xanthoria elegans) on cement wall

On a Sorbus aucaparia tree (according to notebook) at the street we found Physcia leptalea with some surprise!

We also found Melanohalea exasperata with isidia also on the apothecia rim

Umbilicaria cylindrica on stone in the churchyard

Physcia caesia on stone

Also on stone Lecanora intricata

On stone Acarospora fuscata if Martin Westberg dont think otherwise!

"perforated"Umbilicaria torrefacta

Lecanora polytropa

Trenthepolia iolithus and Lecanora polytropa

Trentheopolia iolithus, Umbilicaria torrefacta, Rhizocarpon geographicum

Gyrose apothecia on Umbilicaria cylindrica

The common Umbilicaria polyphylla was also found on the tombstones

On stone Arctoparmelia incurva

And the very common Parmelia saxatilis of course before registration
There will probably be much more on this churchyard!

Copyright Aimon Niklasson och Botaniska föreningen i Göteborg.